Saturday, October 17, 2009

Switching Gears: Adventures in Porcelain

I switched gears during this making cycle over to this very white, pure and persnickity clay.  First, i made these little flattened all- in -one jars. These jars are made from a 2lb ball and generally they are all made in different styles. Just because these are made in one thrown step does not mean that you are complete.  The trimming of these jars will take more time than the making to get them to fit just right.  

The second thing that i made during this time at the wheel was inspired from my wife's work.  I really love these hand-built owl boxes she has been making for many years now, and i  wanted to try my hand at them.  These turned out okay, but they look a little cuter than i prefer. I think that they match the forms okay though.  
Lastly, i made some standard jars with finger- formed galleries.  Your finger actually makes a great curve for the lid to set against.  The lids were made off the hump and the knobs were made separately and attached.