Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Big Lollipop

This new work that I have been doing is very much in the salt firing realm. Lately I have found the need to be more connected with the work throughout the whole wet phase of the clay. I only do this for some of the work because it requires many more steps, and we have to fill our kilns to maximize the use of the ever so precious commodity, propane gas.
This particular pot was made in four sections, and joined one on top of the other. In this type of construction one should always try to minimize the amount of a joining area that you have on the inside of the pot. This is done two ways: you either throw up thru the join,or by trimming the join at a later more dryer state. The reason for this is sometimes this joining ring will transfer to the outside of the fired pot, and nobody wants a big ring through your "Big Lollipop".


  1. Two Thumbs Up, Jeffrey. Great post. Mary and I are having a laugh while driving to Dublin.

  2. Man! You just made my morning... Beautiful slipped design work!

  3. Nice jar and nice deco! Hope to see you all at the conference!