Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is four of the pots from David's firing.  The flashing was very strong as well as the amount of ash that deposited on the swells of the forms.  I used a mixture of several different clays this time.  Usually i try to stick with one body for each firing because it makes it easier to compare the pots from previous firings. When I have the opportunity to experience a wood firing I try to take something new away from each burn that may help in future ones.  Thanks David for another great experience.


  1. Nice... very nice. Love the forms, they really work well with the wood.

  2. looks great! you must be really happy with your pots, jeff!


  3. Wow, Jeff! Looks like the fire was good on these. I love these forms. I've always had difficulties making these sorts of shapes. You make it look easy!